How to Read Stock Charts – Introduction for Beginners

Stock charts are numerical charts that help in understanding the price action and behaviour of the stocks. The trading chart on a stock provides crucial information that helps a trader to develop a strategy and understand whether the stock should be bought or sold. Charts are vital in the trading world irrespective of the type of asset and they can be considered as one of the primary tools for technical analysis.

3 Important Types of Price Charts for Trading

Price charts are one of the most important tools used for trend analysis in stock, commodities and forex trading. Price charts are graphical representations of the changes in the trading volume or price of a stock. Technical analysis involves recognizing the pattern of changes by plotting them on various charts, using different relationships.

How to Read Candlesticks in Trading – Introduction for Beginners

Candlesticks or Japanese Candlesticks are a type of price chart used to represent the movements in the price of a stock, currency or commodity. It is an integral part of the technical analysis for forex and securities trading. The chart is known as candlesticks chart as the data is represented using the shape of a candlestick. These charts are packed with information and represent the trading patterns during a specified period of time accurately.

How to Trade with Japanese Candlesticks

Japanese candlestick charts have been used for centuries to understand the market and financial investments. The candlestick charts provide more detailed information about the market compared to the line charts or bar charts.

Money Management in Binary Options Trading

In the last years, retail traders saw the online trading business expanding rapidly. Not only Forex brokers increased their activity and marketing efforts, but also binary options ones. Binary options trading and Forex trading are not that different. If you look at the products offered for binary trading, most of them are currency pairs.

This makes a good Forex trader able to trade binary options too. Is this valid the other way around? Probably not.

How to use the Economic Calendar in Binary Options Trading

The decision to trade a financial product comes because of either technical or fundamental analysis. Or, both.
While technical analysis deals with interpreting chart patterns or technical indicators, fundamental analysis consists of trading based on interpreting the economic news.
For this, the economic calendar is key. Consulting it should be part of every trader’s ritual.

Binary Options Strategies: Golden and Death Crosses in Binary Options Trading

Technical analysis as we know it today wasn’t like this all the time. It changed together with the personal computer. Nowadays, traders simply open a trading platform, choose a currency pair, and then apply whatever the technical instruments available. It’s easy, fast, and pays results.

Trading with Elliott Waves Explained for Dummies - Part1: Generalities

Created by Ralph Elliott in the 1940’s the Elliott Waves Theory remains a unique approach to trading. It is the only trading theory that considers human nature and the impact of market psychology on the way the prices move.

Risk Warning: Trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Especially trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs carry a high degree of risk to your capital and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Only invest with money you can afford to lose.