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IQ Option APK

IQ Option APK Overview:

  • CFDs on Stocks, Forex, Cryptos, Indices, Commodities, ETFs
  • Binary and Digital Options (!)
  • Free Demo Account
  • Min Deposit 10$

Note: Your capital is at risk


Due to the recent demand in online trading, specifically the influx of online traders using mobile and other handheld devices to trade on the go, many reputed online brokerage sites have developed Apps for Android users specifically. Since Android has one of the largest markets in the world, providing APKs can target classes of investors which were not possible before. One such example is IQ option, a reputed Cyprus based online brokerage service, which recently introduced an Android IQ Option App.


What is an APK?

APK or Android Package refers to the page file format mainly used by the Android operating system in the distribution and installation of mobile apps and middleware. APK files make it easy for the app to get installed in an Android powered device just like installing any other software on a PC. They are available either from an official source like Google Play Store, or from an unofficial source, such as the developer’s own site.


Why an IQ Option Broker APK?

IQ Option, which is an already established reputed name in the online brokerage industry has introduced their app for Android users. Apart from the web version and the desktop application, the APK has been designed to cater to tablet and mobile users as well, providing them the opportunity for an uninterrupted and seamless trading experience. The App is available in Google’s Playstore.

Since Binary Options and Digital Options Trading are now allowed only for non-European traders due to international regulations, both Google’s Play Store and the App Store do not host apps which are related to such activities. For this reason, IQ Option APK can be downloaded directly from the official website. Users who thus want to access both binary and digital options trading can simply download the APK file from the website, transfer it to their android device and install them manually. It is to be noted that the app available on the Playstore and App Store does not provide binary and digital options trading.

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IQ Option APK Features

The IQ Option Android (and iOS App) provides traders with all the same functionalities as the standard desktop/web-Version, including, trading of stocks, Forex, commodities, ETFs, Indices and Cryptocurrencies. However, due to restrictions, binary options and digital options trading is not included in in this version which is available in the Google Playstore (and Apple App Store).

Thus, to allow users to access binary and digital options trading in an uninterrupted way, the IQ Option APK is available for download on the official site. Users are advised to download the APK version and install them manually on their android devices to get all of the limitless features of the regular app. Since it is not on the Google Playstore, the APK includes both Digital and Binary Options Trading.

  • Stock CFD Trading: With an offering of about 174 stock CFDs which can be traded with leverage, the IQ Option APK provides all the functionality a trader needs to operate in such a volatile market. Stock CFDs at IQ Option can be traded from a measly $1 per trade.
  • Forex Trading: The Forex market is one of the largest growing markets in the world, and IQ Option provides a vast selection of 88 currency pairs from around the world. Similar to CFDs, currency trades on the IQ Option app allow traders to place trades with preset stop loss and take profit orders. Pending orders functionality is also available. IQ Option has also introduced some recent changes that allow traders to trade certain currency pairs (such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/CHF etc) with leverage of up to 1:1000. However, EU traders are restricted to a leverage of up to 1:30 according to international laws.
  • Cryptocurrency CFD trading: IQ Option provides cryptocurrency CFD trading, allowing traders to speculate on bearish and bullish price movements, without owning the underlying asset. The potential profit to be earned is also increased. They offer trading in two types of CFDs, namely Standard Crypto CFDs and Special Crypto CFDs. It is to be noted, that retail traders from the EU cannot access these instruments due to ESMA directives.
  • Commodity Trading: IQ Option provides traders to speculate on different commodities such as crops, metals, energies etc, without owning any part of the underlying asset. It allows traders to either buy or short commodities. They provide 6 different commodity CFDs which can be traded from $1 per trade. Leverage is limited to 1:150 for professional EU traders and non EU traders, and limited to 1:10 for retail EU traders.
  • ETF Trading: ETFs or Exchange traded Funds allow traders to access an entire market sector or a group of assets by just trading one single ETF. IQ Option offers ETF trading with very low spreads which can help traders in portfolio diversification. Leverages are limited to 1:100 for non EU and professional EU traders and to 1:5 for normal retail traders of the EU.


 Features Exclusively Present in the APK Downloadable from the official Website
  • Binary options Trading: Binary Options trading is probably one of the most talked about ways of attaining a fortune. IQ Option has been one of the most reputed brokers in this field, having won many awards for its excellent trading platform. THE IQ option APK, which is available on the official website, provides this feature as opposed to the version available on Google’s Play and Apple’s App Store. IQ Option provides binary options trading on Forex pairs, stock indices, stocks and gold. They can be traded with a wide range of intraday expiry times, along with end of the day and end of the month expiry times. The lowest expiry time available is 1 minute.
  • Digital Options trading: Digital Options trading is a relatively newer addition to the IQ Option platform, with the potential pay-out percentage reaching up to almost 900% on successful trades. Traders can also choose between different strike prices. Digital options are available in different currency pairs, including 19 standard digital options tradable during weekdays, as well as 8 OTC digital options tradable during weekends.


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About IQ Option Demo APK

One of the major reasons why IQ Option stands out from its competitors is the DEMO account. IQ Option provides a fully functional demo account, equipped with all the features and financial instruments that a regular account will have. This feature is available on the IQ Option APK as well.

The Demo account provides a user with $10,000 worth of virtual funds, which are excellent for novice traders wanting to get a grip of the market. They can experience trading strategies, experiment with the trading environment before investing any real money with a professional or real account. Apart from this, IQ Option also provides several educational resources for traders.


How to Install IQ option APK

As mentioned before, IQ Option’s App is available in Google’s Playstore and Apple App Store from where users can directly download and install it on their devices. However, due to the terms and conditions of the Stores, they do not support apps that offer binary or digital options trading. Thus, the version available on the Playstore/App Store do not include both binary options and digital options trading options.

IQ Options thus have made the IQ Option APK available for free download on the official website. The APK includes both binary and digital options trading functionalities providing users to experience a seamless and uninterrupted trading experience. Users can simply download it from the website and install the APK files manually after transferring them to an android device.


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IQ Option Binary Option APK Download

IQ Options Android App is available on Google’s Playstore without the binary and digital options trading. For users who want to access both binary and digital options, they are advised to download the APK from the website directly. So, download the IQ Option APK App here, to experience a seamless, connected and rich trading experience on the go:



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Note: Your capital is at risk



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the IQ Option APK available for Free download?

Yes, the App is available on the official website for free.

2. Is this IQ Option APK the Latest version?

Yes, IQ Option always provide regular updates to any new version of the app automatically.

3. Is the APK only for Android Operating Systems?

This version of the App is only compatible with Android devices.

4. Is it available on APKpure?

It is not currently available on APKpure. Users are thus advised to go to the official website to download the correct version.

5. Are IQ option APK Mods Legal?

Even though there are several mods of the APK app circulating on various websites, almost all of them do not function properly. Additionally, the team at IQ Option do not recommend using mods, as they are illegal and not licensed by IQ Option directly.


Risk Warning: Trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Especially trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs carry a high degree of risk to your capital and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Only invest with money you can afford to lose.