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Winner of several awards, IQ Option is a broker which offers a unique online trading platform for the traders. It offers some of the best trading tools to its clients. IQ Option takes options trading and CFD trading to a completely new level. On IQ Option, a trader can trade options, forex, indices, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Apart from the web and desktop versions, IQ Option is also available as powerful mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

Traders have the convenience of trading all assets and instruments available, on their desktop and browser versions. However, if they use only these versions, they might not be able to keep a track on trading all the time. As a result, they might miss good trading opportunities.

With the mobile apps, trading is possible whenever you want, which makes a significant difference in your trading performance. The mobile apps of IQ Option are award-winning!

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The role of regulation/licence of IQ Option

Traders worldwide from different locations can take part in different trading conditions and trade different instruments by using IQ Option. 


IQ Option LLC

IQ Option LLC is located in Hinds Building, Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines. These traders can enjoy various types of tradable instruments in this entity. Traders are also given more leverage. 


Countries that can use the mobile Apps of IQ Option

You need to know that not traders from all countries can access the services of IQ Option. Some of them cannot use the services at all, and some cannot use mobile apps. Users from only the following countries can use the iOS app: Armenia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Denmark, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, South Africa, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Indonesia, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay, Taiwan, Norway, Luxembourg, Philippines, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, Nigeria, and Norway.

The IQ Option APK  Android App and IQ Option progressive web app (PWA) are available to all countries having access to the services of IQ Option. 

However, traders of Cuba, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Lichtenstein, Malta, and Myanmar cannot use the Android apps of IQ Option. 

So, congratulations!

As a trader from South Africa, you can use all versions of IQ Option’s mobile apps.


Trading digital options using IQ Option mobile Apps for all traders

Digital options is one of the available options for traders. With digital options, a trader can avail different strike prices, as well as the potential payout percentage of a maximum of 600%. However, the ‘Current Price Profit’ payout can go up to 87% to 92% at best. When traders trade digital options in this mode, they use the current market price as the strike price. The payout percentage is used for both call and put options. Digital options trading is a lot similar to binary options trading with this setting.

You can trade digital options using any of the mobile apps of IQ Option; be it the iOS, Android, APK or PWA. Digital options on IQ Option are available in:

  • Currency pairs during weekdays: 19 standard digital options.
  • Currency pairs during weekends: 8 OTC (Over the counter) digital options.
  • Commodities during weekdays: 2 standard digital options (Gold and WTI Crude Oil).


Keep in mind that the variety and number of digital options instruments can be changed at any time. The expiry times for the trading can be one minute, five minutes or fifteen minutes. However, in many cases, trades can be entered early or late. In such cases, traders can get expiry times of less than a minute or over fifteen minutes. To do the trading, you need a minimum investment of $1.


Trading binary options with APK mobile Apps of IQ Option for all traders

All traders can trade binary options. Keep in mind that binary options can only be traded using IQ Option’s progressive web app (PWA) or APK Android app. With these two apps, a trader can trade about sixty binary options assets, including currency pairs, gold, stocks and stock indices. For example, the instruments are GBP/USD, USD/NOK, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/CHF, AUD/CAD, Tesla, Google, McDonalds and Facebook. Apart from these, there are EUR/USD (OTC) and USD/JPY (OTC). OTC or over the counter options is a brilliant feature and it can be traded over weekends.

The range of expiry times of binary options is wide. It starts at one minute. Other available expiries are ‘End of the day’ and ‘End of the month’. As for the payout percentages, they can vary on a normal trading day. They are dependent on the traded asset, the spread and liquidity of the instrument and more. You can get the best payouts in binary options on currency pairs with the liquidity of medium to high. With these conditions, the payouts can go up to 90% to 95% high. On a typical trading day, the top binary options payouts are about 87%. The minimum investment in binary options is the same as the digital options; it is $1.


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Trading ETFs with mobile Apps of IQ Option

If traders want a diversified portfolio, then the ETFs (exchange-traded funds) on IQ Options can expose them to many assets with just one trade. While trading ETFs, you can invest in small amounts of capital in a group of assets. They can be made up of technology, semiconductors, global stock indices, utilities, metals, emerging markets and more. Clients can trade ETFs using all mobile apps of IQ Option, including Android APK, Android from Play Store, iOS from Apple store and PWA for both Android and iPhone. More than ETFs are available as instruments to choose from.

The minimum investment is $1. As for leverage south african traders have access to leverage up to 1:20. The market hours of ETFs on IQ Option are mostly between 9:33 EST and 16:00 EST. Some of them are also available from 9:30. You can trade ETFs with very low spreads on IQ Option.


Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs with mobile Apps of IQ Option

Cryptocurrency CFD trading is a long bitcoin trade. Speculating with cryptocurrencies becomes very convenient with crypto CFDs. You do not have to deal with private keys or crypto wallets anymore. Instead, you can speculate on the price movement of cryptos without even handling them. Traders can be benefitted with the volatility of the crypto market by cryptocurrency CFDs, whether cryptos are rising or falling. As traders do not need to store or handle the cryptocurrencies being traded, they find investing very simple. They do not need to set up open accounts or crypto wallets through exchanges. Simply open and close your trades on the IQ Option trading platform.

South African traders can trade cryptocurrency CFDs on all mobile apps. They can trade both standard cryptocurrency CFDs and special cryptocurrency CFDs. There are roughly twelve standard crypto CFDs and twelve special crypto CFDs available. Examples of standard crypto CFDs include Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and Litecoin. Examples of special crypto CFDs include Bitcoin x100 and Litecoin x20.

The minimum trade size for cryptocurrency CFD trading is $1. Traders from south africa can trade with leverage up to 1:100. You can trade cryptocurrency CFDs from Mondays to Saturdays; 24 hours a day.


Trading stock index with the mobile Apps of IQ Option

A trader can be exposed to many stocks combined in a single financial instrument by a stock index CFD. This trading is also possible with any app for both Android and iOS devices. There are seven stock index CFDs you can trade, including the UK 100, JP 225, US 30 and AU 200. However, note that the number of available stock index CFDs is volatile; it can change any time.

The minimum trade size for stock index CFD is $1. South african traders can trade stock indices with leverage up to 1:20. You can trade stock index CFD five days per week. The best time for trading is the trading hours of the exchanges supplying the liquidity.


Trading commodity CFDs with the mobile Apps of IQ Option

Traders are provided with the convenience of participating in the price swings of commodities by commodity CFDs. They do not have to take physical delivery in it to participate either. South African traders can use any of the mobile apps for commodity CFD trading. There are six commodity CFDs you may trade. They are Gold, Silver, Platinum, Wheat, Crude Oil Brent and Crude Oil WTI. You can trade all six commodities with a minimum investment of $1.

The leverage for south african traders is up to 1:100 in commodity trading. Different commodities have different market hours for trading. Some of them are available for five days a week and 23 hours a day. Then some are only available for four and a half hours a day, for five days a week.


Features of IQ Option mobile Apps

IQ Option mobile apps are developed with great features and widgets that provide the traders with on-the-go trading experience. You cannot pay attention to the market 24 hours a day by using a desktop or web version, but with an app, you can be present for a lot more time. The features offered by IQ Option in its apps include:

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On the app, the traders can manage their portfolio of open positions and pending orders. You only need to tap the ‘Portfolio’ icon in the top-left of the screen, and you can access open positions, pending orders, as well as closed positions. It is as easy to do on the app as it is for web or desktop version.


Price movements alert

The ‘Price movements’ alert function of IQ Option is only available on mobile apps. The traders can access the function manually on the trading platform. However, you can also get notifications on your mobile device from the apps. The alerts can be activated simply by going to settings. Go to notifications from there and select Sharp Jump/Drop. Then you can activate it there. After that, the trader will start receiving notifications of rapid asset price changes.


Different chart types

There are many types of charts available on the mobile apps of IQ Option. You may choose any among the line charts, bar charts, Japanese candlestick charts and Heikin-Ashi charts. All of these charts can be displayed in various time frames too, starting from five seconds to a month.


Market analysis

The mobile apps of IQ Option keep the traders updated about the latest news and events circulating in the market. You can visit the ‘Market Analysis’ section to view news, forex calendar and earnings calendar. Although, apps do not have the ‘crypto’ calendar; this one is only available on the desktop or web version.



The widgets on IQ Option mobile apps include ‘High and low values’, ‘Volume’, ‘Live Deals’ and ‘Traders sentiment’. You can place these widgets directly on your charts, so you are provided with all the information needed. These widgets can be found in the ‘Graphical tools’ section at the bottom of the platform. Then you need to look under ‘Settings’. The only exception is the ‘High and low values’ widget. You need to visit the main menu of the app and enter ‘Trading settings’ to activate and deactivate it. On the PWA, you can access the widgets through the indicators icon which can be found at the bottom left of the chart window.


Technical indicators

As you know, technical indicators are essential for producing good results in trading. IQ Option offers an impressive selection of technical indicators. The traders are provided with 99 different indicators to choose from. However, the number of indicators can change at any time. A few of the technical indicators are moving averages, Volume Oscillator, stochastics, Weis Wave Volume, Bollinger bands, MACD, Chande Kroll Stop, McGinley Dynamic, Center of Gravity, and RSI. You can save specific combinations of indicators as chart templates, which come handy in saving your time.


Customer support

The mobile apps of IQ Option have a built-in chat feature that allows the traders to be a part of the large trading community. With this feature, you can communicate not only with the customer support team of IQ Option but with other traders worldwide. The chat box is divided into many sections to make the chat experience easy and convenient for the traders.


Video tutorials

If you want to earn profits as you trade, you need to have the right knowledge. Thus, trading knowledge is vital. By using IQ Option mobile apps, you get access to several video tutorials which can help you develop and sharpen your trading knowledge and skills. You get the scope to learn how to use the trading platform of IQ Option from these videos, as well as the ways of trading different financial instruments, conducting fundamental and technical analysis and more.

You also get important updates and the latest news. There is a ‘play button’ tab on the left of the trading platform. You simply need to open this tab to access these video tutorials.


How to download IQ Option App

System requirements for iOS and Android: If you want to download IQ Option app to your phone, then you need to have Android 4.4, or iOS 9.0. 74 MB space is required to install the app.


Downloading Android APK app


  • Visit IQ Option from your browser.
  • Then, click on ‘Download for Android’. Soon, the downloading will start, and it will show on the top bar of the device.
  • After the download is complete, you need to open the Downloads folder and click on the .apk file of IQ Option.
  • Then the app will ask for confirmation to install; click ‘Yes’. The installation will soon start.
  • Once installed, you can open and begin using the app.




Downloading the App for iPhone


  • On the iPhone, you need to visit the App Store where you can download the IQ Option app.
  • You need an Apple ID to open the App Store.
  • Click on the app and then click on ‘Get’ and ‘Install’ one after another.
  • When it is installed, you have to click ‘Open’.




Downloading the App for Android


  • On your Android device, visit the Google Play Store.
  • Follow the instructions on screen to install the app.
  • Open it once installed to use.




Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWA app is important for traders that want to trade binary options. It is also possible with the Android APK. You do not need to download PWA; you can use it on the web. However, keep in mind that this app has some limitations as it does not support certain features such as ‘Live deals’ widget, market analysis, price movements alert, customer support chat and video tutorials.  



Final thoughts

Today, about two million trades are processed on IQ Option daily. Download the smooth-operating and feature-rich apps and be a part of the community now. With the combination of tradable assets and brilliant characteristics, you are bound to produce the best results in trading.


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Risk Warning: Trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Especially trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs carry a high degree of risk to your capital and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Only invest with money you can afford to lose.